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Tips for Passing Another VehicleSpokane County Sheriff’s Deputies reported a truck accident northwest of Nine Mile Falls near Spokane. This one vehicle car accident involved three young adults who were heading south on N. South Bank Road. When the driver attempted to pass another vehicle, they lost control of the truck and went off the road hitting a fence and a tree. Unfortunately, the driver was declared dead at the scene. The other young adults in the truck were transported by ambulance to a nearby medical center for evaluation of injuries. Officials are still investigating what caused this accident. Speed, impairment and reckless driving are being said to have played a factor in this truck accident. Here are some tips for passing another vehicle safely.

Tips for Passing Another Vehicle

When passing another vehicle, there are a few things you should do to be safe.

  1. Use your signal to let other drivers know your intention to change lanes.
  2. Check to make sure you can pass without hitting another vehicle. Never dart into another lane without checking your blind spot.
  3. Don’t move back over to the original lane of travel too quickly. Moving back too close to the car behind your could cause you to get rear-ended.

When NOT to Pass

  1. Do not pass when there is a solid line separating the lanes.
  2. Do not pass on a hill or a curve.
  3. Do not pass within 100 feet of a bridge or tunnel.
  4. Do not pass within 100 feet of a railroad crossing or intersection.

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