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Semi Truck Accident with a Train Near Coeur d'AleneA semi truck accident occurred after the driver failed to stop for the stop sign before crossing over the railroad tracks, reported the Idaho State Police. The semi-truck was pulling a flatbed trailer which was hit by a train. The driver of the semi-truck was not injured and was wearing a seat belt. It took approximately two hours to clear the wreckage leaving the intersection blocked.

Semi truck accidents are common and unfortunately are often deadly due to how much more weight a semi is compared to a standard vehicle. Approximately 5,000 people die each year in a car accident involving a semi truck.

Some common causes of semi truck accidents include:

Semi Truck Needs Maintenance

Semi-trucks are required by federal regulations to be kept in good condition when being operated. Serious truck accidents are often caused by the semi truck needing to be maintained. Examples include when a trailer being pulled by a semi comes loose or a tire blows out. Semi trucks should be checked for maintenance regulations before each use.

Semi Truck Driver Is Fatigued

Often times a semi truck driver may feel pressured to stay on a tight schedule and not be able to rest. The public has been warned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration about the seriousness of fatigue while driving. Truck drivers are often required to drive thousands of miles each day.

Semi Truck Driver Is Distracted

Distracted driving continues to be a number one cause of car accidents nationwide. It is no different for truck drivers. A driver is considered to be distracted when they are using a cell phone, changing the radio station or doing any other kind of activity while driving that would cause the driver to take his or her eyes off the road.

Semi Truck Driver Is Inexperienced

Some trucking companies will hire a new driver, send them to learn to drive a semi truck and then immediately put them out on the road. These new drivers may then be placed with a semi truck they are not familiar with. The biggest reason trucking companies hire inexperienced drivers is because they are able to pay them less than they would have to pay a more experienced driver.

Load is not balanced

Sometimes an accident may occur from improper balance of a load on a semi truck trailer. A semi truck can sometimes be loaded quickly to get the driver to the next drop off as soon as possible. Improperly loaded trailers can cause serious car accidents.

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