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What happens when personal injury to a child occurs due to someone else’s negligence? As a parent, I can relate to wanting justice for my child suffering from a personal injury due to negligence. 

When Personal Injury to a Child Occurs Due to Someone Else’s Negligence 

I’m signing my son up for football and I am required to sign a liability waiver so he can play. As an attorney, I know that any liability release or waiver a parent signs for their child is completely void and unenforceable. How many parents don’t pursue claims for their children because they mistakenly believe the liability waiver is valid? A child cannot file his or her own personal injury lawsuit, but a parent can. Even if you think your child is responsible and capable of filing their own lawsuit, under law they cannot until they are at least 18 years old. 

Medical bills are usually the first hardship a family would face after their child has been injured but the child and their family may also qualify for compensation for other things. Other compensation may be paid for such as disfigurement, pain and suffering and mental anguish.

Also, a child has a lot longer than an adult in most states to file a lawsuit. The statute of limitation is suspended for a period.

Must Be Approved by a Judge 

Finally, a child’s settlement must be approved by a judge. The money for a child can be invested until the child turns 18 so the child can pay for college. This is done through a structured settlement. A child’s age and inexperience make a personal injury case significantly different than for an adult but children have the same rights as an adult to receive compensation for injuries.

Hire Personal Injury Attorney, Mat Parke 

If your child has suffered an injury due to negligence, call personal injury attorney Mat Parke to find out what rights your child has even if a liability waiver has been signed.


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