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When proceeding through an intersection, not only do you need to pay attention to oncoming traffic to make sure it is safe to proceed, you also need to be sure there is enough room across the intersection for you to go forward without obstructing the intersection. So, even when you have a green light, be sure there is enough room on the other side, so you don’t block the intersection.  It is an all too common sight during rush hour traffic in downtown Spokane to see someone proceed through a green light, only to be stuck in backed up traffic in the middle of an intersection. Not only does this delay the oncoming traffic, but it can be a major hazard for pedestrians. In addition, it is a risk of a car accident to other backed up traffic, and oncoming traffic. If there is an obstruction caused by a collision, debris on the road, or other object, be sure to report it to the proper authorities to have the hazard removed.

The following is the Washington Rules of the Road regarding obstructing the intersection:

RCW 46.61.202: Stopping when traffic obstructed.

No driver shall enter an intersection or a marked crosswalk or drive onto any railroad grade crossing unless there is sufficient space on the other side of the intersection, crosswalk, or railroad grade crossing to accommodate the vehicle he or she is operating without obstructing the passage of other vehicles, pedestrians, or railroad trains notwithstanding any traffic control signal indications to proceed.

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